Thursday, November 29, 2007


jordan thinks he has to tell brendan a little secret here. again, trying to get a good christmas card picture is quite a joke. you'll all have to wait and see which one i picked for the actual essing card....


and then there's my big five year old! what a helper. he sure loves playing with his brothers and playing with dad. mom is pretty much old news now. he is doing well in his "young five's" kindergarten class and has so much fun. and he loves to come home and play with his star wars toys, transformers and watch sponge bob. and still not too big to snuggle with mom in the mornings.


wow, the boys are six months old already! how the time does fly. and thank goodness, because i am actually glad they are this old and i have lived to tell about it. they are starting to think about rolling over and have started to try some baby foods. can't quite sit up yet, although jordan has a nice big belly that helps him balance. he he he...


the boys and their hats. not their favorite. but do any kids like hats? mine never do. and then we have justin playing with his little brother brendan under the floor gym. brendan thinks it is so funny when justin crawls under there with him. what a good big brother.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


had a fun baby shower for a good, longtime friend this past saturday. we have been friends since "bee" was two. and i was always known around their house as "noisy". don't ask me how i ever got that nickname... because those of you who know me at all know that i don't like to talk. he he he.


wow, what a nightmare! trying to get a picture of all three boys for our annual christmas card...usually one or the other twin is screaming and justin is trying his hardest to hold and help. what a disaster. and i'm going to try this all again tomorrow morning. i guess i'm just a glutton for punishment!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


had a great shoot last weekend with the "H" family and little miss "L". she is 18 months old and i had so much fun photographing her. thanks mom "H" for this fun opportunity!


doing dishes tonight, i turn around and brendan has fallen asleep right on the living room floor...remember those days when you could just fall asleep at the drop of a hat?


young five's kindergarten is lots of fun for justin this year. he goes every day in the afternoon. on this particular day he thought he needed his hair done. "you know mom, pointy." "you mean spikey justin?" "yeah, spikey." sounds good, and looks good too. of course, there is hardly any hair there to spike up, but we got the gel out and gave it our best shot.


wow, we are five months old already! and both pretty happy most of the time. brendan is sleeping through the night completely now. mom is very excited about that. she would be even more excited if jordan decided to follow along. but no, he still thinks he needs to eat at 2 am every night! tonight we're going to try cold turkey and see how long he cries. maybe he'll fall right back to sleep..... i'll keep you all posted!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


halloween with all three boys. mom and dad took all three of us out trick-or-treating. we went up and down the street once and got done just before it started to rain. then we went over to papa and oma tilma's house for a little extra candy. justin was a ninja and the boys were just "the boys."