Sunday, January 20, 2008


as most of you know, we moved into a new house this summer. this living room/kitchen is all one big room with about 20' ceilings. the room was not painted, just white. i painted it a warm tan color and finally have it done. what a huge job. and i had to do without my mom, as she would have been way to nervous watching me up on an old ricketly ladder to help. i got some cool new wording wall stickers to complete the room and thought they turned out good. these pics are for those of you who wanted to see how this looked finished.


my three boys. jordan, justin and brendan. of course, this was after the sitting up pics and i had to quickly put the barf rags back on for fear of messing up their cute little rebel shirts. justin sure loves his brothers. and they watch his every move.

i look at these three boys and can't help but think about my grandma gladys tilma and her three boys. i give her a lot of credit for the job she did raising them, especially as she did most of it on her own. i wonder if she is looking down from heaven getting a good chuckle from her granddaughter and great-grand sons who she never got a chance to meet. i'm sure she is having a good laugh.


finally, the twins are sitting up by themselves. they last maybe 15 minutes by themselves, but that's pretty good. they turned 8 months old yesterday and are growing so fast. brendan (on the right) can roll over and make his way across the room in 10 second flat. jordan (on the left) if perfectly content to just sit or lay until you move him. funny how they have their own very distinct personalities so early in life. there is certainly not a dull day around this house and i don't think there will be one for the next 20 years!


ok, so anyone who has had kids in the past 30 years knows about teething cookies, biter biscuits, etc. i let jordan (bottom pic) and brendan (top pic) try these out the other night. these are the grossest things out there. they hold them in their hands and chomp away, all the time these cookies are disintigrating and getting slimy. as you can see, jordan was a little more into the whole experience. but they both went immediately into the tub, as did the high chair trays themselves. once this residue dries, it is pretty hard to scrub off, and that goes for the trays and the boys skin... yuck!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


a sneak peak for a very dear friend. i was blessed to be able to do these newborn shots of baby rachel this weekend. only 8 days old, it was so much fun! thanks you guys!


christmas lunch is spent at my parent's house. the kid's opened lots of presents and the day was a blessed day. merry christmas all!


here are grandpa and grandma essing's four grandchildren. justin, bradan, jordan and brendan.
and here are the four essing boys that have enough hair to do mohawks... poor brendan, not enough hair yet.


justin at his jedi finest. he likes to put on his cape and us his light saber on anyone or anything in sight. and this does include his twin brothers.