Wednesday, February 27, 2008


the twins are 9 months old already! but the past two weeks have been long ones. first, jordan had the cold and RSV. now brendan has it and he was just miserable in these pictures. i only got a few of him and in almost all of them he is so sad. the picture above pretty much sums up how he felt. hopefully he will soon be feeling better. in the picture of the two of them it looks like jordan is letting brendan in on a little secret, mom better watch out...then you have big brother justin, who just had to be in the picture too. he barely fit in the bucket, but somehow made it work!

Monday, February 25, 2008


just asking for prayers and healthy thoughts to be sent our way. jordan was in the hospital last week with RSV and now brendan has it. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as it has been a very long winter and the germs are just hanging out at our house. hopefully soon we can open up this house and let the fresh air in....i can't wait for spring!


here are the brothers with their fresh-out-of-the-tub hair dos. of course, jordan has just a bit more hair. i had to really work to get brendan's to stand up. but they look so cute.


ok, it's official. i am addicted to digital scrapbooking. here are a couple samples of what i have been working on this weekend. as soon as i have scrapped all the "real" photos i have, i am not printing any more. i have vowed to only do my scrapbooking digitally and print the whole page instead. then i can just slide the 12x12 page into my books. much easier and much cheaper.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


this is a sneak peak for a favorite client of mine. baby "m" was so fun to photograph, and big sister "h" and big brother "p" were great helpers! what a beautiful family!

Friday, February 15, 2008


wow, talk about a flashback to childhood. i found these "jellies" today at target and had to have them. same hard plastic shoe sure to give the same big blister on the heel. but they brought me back to 1985 pretty fast....

Friday, February 8, 2008


i know, i know, you'd think i have enough pictures of my kids on the walls by now. but i just love these new 10x10 gallery mounted prints i had done this week of my boys. i have them up in the kitchen and love the way they look. what do you think?


for those of you who do not know, i do photography as a second job in my spare time. :) i have just put together a new and improved website this week. please pass this link on to anyone you might know that is in the market for a photographer. i appreciate all of you out there that have made my business a success. don't know where i'd be without you all! check it out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


well, all kids have the flu here in the essing house. justin started with a high fever and head cold last week thursday and had it for 4 days. jordan started the same thing on sunday morning and is trying his hardest to get over it. and now brendan woke up with it all this morning. i honestly thought brendan might not get it. but, low and behold, we were up all night last night with a feverish, barking cough, runny nosed brendan. which would then wake up jordan and he would proceed to blow raspberries for about half an hour. needless to say, i am pretty darn tired this morning. and i just can't stand the fact that you can't do anything for the poor little guys to help them feel better. other than tylenol and vaporizors, we moms are not supposed to give our kids any cough medicine, etc. anyway, i just had to vent some this morning. wish me luck and send prayers our way that all sleep tonight, at least a few long stretches...

Friday, February 1, 2008


here are some individual pics of brendan and jordan. brendan is the top pic and jordan is the bottom. they are getting to be so much fun. we are snowed in today, justin does not have school. i am trying to get this blog updated, finish the never-ending laundry, cook 10 meals for a supper swap i am involved in, and play with everyone. should be a fun filled friday!


who can resist the those cute, dimpled biskies. i love em! these guys are getting so big, so fast. what a blessing to our family! jordan is on the left and brendan is on the right.